Micro Business Course

Micro Business Success

Are you the owner of a one-person micro business? If you look into the mirror in the morning, who do you see? An employee or a businessperson? Are you worried that you have not built a sustainable saleable business, an asset? In fact, you know you have just created employment for one.

ABPLAN’s Build Your Micro-Business Programme has been developed for you and a small wallet. It includes 15 hours of my services as consultant and coach.

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Small Business Course

Grow your Small Business

You and your partner, with a support staff of one or two, are seriously contemplating the future of your small business. Your company has grown its client base and to date you were too busy to put business systems and processes properly into place.  You wish to spend less time in your business and more in creating the future. Mmmm … Expansion or a branch in another city?

ABPLAN’s Grow Your Small Business Programme has been developed with your professional aspirations and your solid business growth in mind. It includes 20 hours of consulting service.

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Medium Business Course

Build your Medium Business

Are you the owner or co-owner of a medium-sized company with a staff of  five to 15 or more team members? Do you wish to take your company to a greater level of success in 12 months? You realise that true success and growth only comes through the intellectual and emotional involvement of your team – and that you need guidance?

ABPLAN’s Build  for Results Programme has been developed over many years for companies such as yours. It is light on theory and strong on the strategic and people side. It is entirely doable – and is aimed at making a huge difference.

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Profit from my years of experience

My name is Albert van Niekerk.

I have years of experience in strategic planning and execution. This experience was gained in five countries: South Africa, USA, Israel, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 1984, while in the public sector, I made a mental shift and “privatised” my thinking and those of my team members. I also initiated a hefty study and application programme – with beneficial results.

In the nineties, I became a consultant and purposefully furthered my knowledge and skills to assist owners of  medium, and later, micro and small enterprises and in addressing new challenges and in obtaining results.

I created three specialised programmes and courses for these three kinds of companies, tested and refined them in practice, and ensured that an application of their content leads to business success for my clients.

More About Me

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