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ABPLAN’s Build Your Micro Business Programme was deliberately created for the one-person micro business. Are you the owner of such a micro business? Do you need targeted information and assistance in building a real company, an asset? This unique programme might just be for you.

Unique – why?

Firstly, I made it purposefully truly affordable – as a micro-business as a rule has to contend with tight cash-flow situations. I offer you a specially-designed self-study programme which includes a limited number of hours of executive coaching.

Secondly, the programme should not make much of a demand on the owner’s time, your time.  It had to be learnable and doable – and it is, if you set aside 30 to 60 minutes a day for strategic thinking and new action.

Thirdly, the resulting plans and marketing material must be usable immediately.

A real business – an asset

How many entrepreneurs have created real businesses? Not only a name, a logo, a website and a number of excellent products and services, but:

  • a real, saleable business
  • a company consisting of purposefully-crafted processes and systems
  • usable, practical plans
  • a database
  • a subscriber list
  • a client list
  • training modules for refresher purposes or for future use, should you expand
  • products and services “on the shelf”

Surely, you want a proper asset which could be sold in the future at a handsome price.

How long will it take?

As owner of a micro-business you are your company. You work under serious time constraints. I will  assist you to put into place – within about four (4) to five (5) months – the foundations of a solid business and increase your probability of growing your company successful by 50 to 75%. During the remaining months, you refine and customise your systems and processes.


Entrepreneurs usually know they need professional assistance in putting business systems and processes into place.

Problem: Although they need consulting services the most, for a one-person micro company the price of consulting services is the #1 issue. How could I, as consultant and coach, drastically lower the price for a micro company while still ensuring that I am able to offer professional services?


  • The micro-business owner learns and absorbs the programme largely through self-study. The course material is provided in modules which are easily readable and absorbable. The programme covers essential information about establishing and running a micro business – nothing more. While the course content is mastered over four to five months, payment is spread over 20 months. This spread makes the monthly payment low and affordable.
  • I, as consultant/coach, reduce my presence and involvement to 20 hours. Workshops are limited to 1 to 1.5 hours during which only important concepts, progress and problem areas are discussed.

Your criteria

ABPLAN designed its Build Your Micro-Business Programme against seven criteria as seen from the perspective of the owner of such a business. Would these also be your criteria?

  1. Price or fee: Monthly payments have to be within reach.
  2. Exceptional usefulness: The content of the programme has to provide a real reason to invest.
  3. Functionality: The course has to be very practical and doable. It has to contain examples of plans and of marketing material.
  4. Availability:  The course material has to be available in full to the client. The course, however, has to be presented in small, achievable segments.
  5. Relationship: The style of coaching and the pace has to suit the client.
  6. Client’s growth: The programme has to ensure the entrepreneur’s quick learning about planning and execution.
  7. Value for client: The outcome has to be a business.

Click criteria for a paragraph about each of the seven criteria.

Micro and Small Business Programmes or Courses

The difference between the two courses lies in the amount of support that I, as consultant/coach, personally have to provide.

  • The Micro-Business Programme is meant for the one-person company. As you do not employ staff, this programme has a small scope. You move quickly through the programme and complete, master and apply its content in about four to five months at about one hour of deep work per day. This leaves 7 hours for daily “technical” work pressures, for urgent, routine stuff and for breaks.

The consultant conducts workshops with you and handles a small volume of back-up services e.g. editing your plans and marketing material, assistance with website content, and providing guidance.

This programme includes 20 consulting hours with 20 payments pitched at the entrepreneur who works on a tight budget.

  • The Small Business Programme has been designed for two to four persons. It addresses needs that arise the moment an owner brings a business partner on board or when appointing staff. It has additional modules covering its bigger scope and it contains a range of modules about meetings and handling people. It offers a total of 20 consulting hours over 20 months.

My clients find that my Build Your Micro-Business Programme offers true value to a micro business and that it is well worth the effort, commitment and application on their part.

You too can build and grow a successful micro-business!

Take a no-risk first step – meet me

There is no risk attached in meeting me – and it’s gratis. The first step is that we should meet. To ensure that we have an in-depth discussion from the moment we meet, get my Mini-Strategy Discussion Questionnaire below.


You will find it very useful to complete this questionnaire. It obliges you to put a fair amount of strategic information on paper – perhaps the first time that you will have done so. I will study your information and we will get off to a flying start when we meet.

Complete the questionnaire, send it to me and I will contact you to set up an appointment.

I’m looking for Ideal Clients. You are looking for an Ideal Consultant. Who knows we both might fit the bill. If not, we will have enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and depart all the wiser.

There is no end to Albert’s innovative mind – the sheer brilliancy of his latest programme for owners of micro businesses is patent.

The need for something like this in South Africa is huge. It is now available to the smallest of entrepreneurs and at a rate cut to be affordable to exactly who it is meant to steer – the sole owner of a micro business.

Adv Theo Nel
Working with Albert resulted in my consultancy being formalised into a viable business. The programme’s systematic business planning approach enabled me to gain clarity on exactly what I had to offer and to whom. It also highlighted the need for me to develop and package my service offerings.

Albert has a wealth of knowledge and was a great support throughout the process. I also really appreciated having him as a sounding board.

Linda Germishuizen, PsychMastery
ABPLAN’s programme, Build Your Micro Business, is a necessity in taking one’s business to a higher level. It took me from a “survival way of thinking” to a “thriving way of thinking”. I can see my future business. I know how to get there. This programme has helped me to develop a functional way of planning, of getting things done and of communicating. I now have a strong foundation and clients.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of being guided through this programme which was challenging, but entirely doable.

Did the content of the programme provide a real reason to invest? Absolutely!

Belinda Gantz, LivingChange

Albert is an extremely patient person with lots of life experience and wisdom. Although I initially found some parts of the programme difficult to grasp, Albert assisted me and kept explaining until I got it.

ABPLAN totally changed my view of myself and my 14-year old business for the better.

As a micro-business owner I sometimes feel at the mercy of my clients, but Albert made me realise that planning and judicious decision-making are conclusive factors in transforming hard work into success.

Leonora van Staden, Top Illustrator

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