On what do you focus presently?

Owners of micro enterprises are often entrepreneurs:

  • Who focus on getting a technical job done
  • Who focus on the urgent demands of each day
  • Who are often only Technicians meaning getting the daily production job done and giving scant attention to two roles which need their focus if they wish to grow a real business:
    • Being Strategists who think about the future and strategic direction
    • Being Managers who put into place operational systems and processes

How strong do you perform in all three roles?

Programmes covering the three roles

ABPLAN identified a need among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for an individual programme for each.  The  three programmes have the same main modules ensuring that the three roles are addressed.

Each programme has six main modules (and a series of supporting modules):
1.    Strategy Core Document: Mission, Vision, etc.
2.    Strategic Plan & Goals
3.    Operational Plans & Execution
4.    Managing Marketing
5.    Financial Management
6.    Culture & Intangibles

The programmes differ in the degree of attention which is given in  supporting modules to issues relating to the size and nature of the three kinds of businesses.

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