ABPLAN’s three programmes were designed to meet seven client criteria:

1. Price or fee: Monthly payments has to be within the reach of any entrepreneur.

The programmes are not inexpensive. However, they are withing reach as the size of the individual payments fit the cash flow needs of each type of entrepreneur.

Costs are kept down as the client gets modules for self-study. This drastically cuts the number of consulting hours needed for the consultant to coach and to personally transfer knowledge. The consultant consults and coaches  for a truly minimum number of hours namely 15 to 20 to 60 hours. Most of the hours are used in the first six months. The monthly payment stays fixed for a 15 or 20 or 12-month period. This spread makes an affordable monthly payment possible.

2. Exceptional usefulness: The content of the programme has to provide a real reason to invest.

Each programme is specifically designed for micro or small or medium enterprises and their particular business needs. This means fixed, affordable payments. The training modules are written is a simple, clear and understandable language. One-on-one coaching is built into learning workshops (on average 1.5 hours) for each module. The owner (and teams, where applicable) immediately uses the resulting plans and marketing knowledge in his/her daily work. This is not nice-to-know knowledge but essential knowledge which purposefully becomes part of your company’s daily routine. It is core knowledge you need for building your business.

3. Functionality: Each programme had to be very practical and doable.

It had to contain actual examples. You study a module and sub-modules (each on average 10 pages) over a period of 14 days. Sub-modules are often a diagramme.  Each module contains actual examples of texts, plans and marketing statements that you need to develop on your own. (Save the examples and replace the text with you own.) Send me your document a day ahead of our scheduled workshop. During the workshop (1.5 to 2 hours), I delve into matters, answer questions, clarify points and provide personalised one-on-one executive coaching.

4. Availability: The programme material has to be available in full. The client had to be taken through it in small achievable segments.

I advise you by email precisely which module to study in the next 14 days. The modules are on line. The programmes were designed with 24/7 availability with password access to clients. A client’s feedback or special needs might lead to slight enhancements. The online content contains the latest text.

5. Relationship: The style of communication and pace has to suit the client.

We will discuss a style and pace that suits you. I provide flexible support and coaching. My aim is easy collaboration and a supportive partner style with agreed commitments on both sides. Note, I am a coach on the sidelines while you play the game. I coach and mentor. You play. The harder you practice and play, the more you win.

6. Client’s growth: The programme has to ensure the entrepreneur’s quick learning about planning and execution.

It is aimed at growing the entrepreneur’s roles of leader-manager with new skills that build your business. I have a set of testimonials from clients who have completed these programmes stating collectively that these programmes do what they claim to do. A business is built by its owner – with pertinent information and guidance to ensure the needed result.

7. Value for client: The outcome of each programme has to be a business.

Depending on your commitment, preparation, time and energy spent on executing your plans, our learning workshops and our close collaboration, the overall outcome of the programme will be the following: a business, an ability to acquire substantially more clients and a growth in revenue.

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