Typical macro, small and medium clients

In regard to any of all three programmes, these are typical clients:

A hotel, a small college, a large accounting firm, an illustrator of books, a creator of beautiful dolls, a photographic studio, a clinical / industrial psychologist, a creative design company, a company whose owner addresses the energy fields of homes and offices, a wine promotion and marketing company, a non-profit organisation, which is run likeĀ  business, and many other clients.

What do my Ideal Clients have in common?

My clients have a majority of these attributes:

  • Open to new ideas and approaches
  • Cope with change even if it matters go slow
  • Read and like to learn
  • Disciplined: Spend one hour per day on mastering their programme
  • Develop assignments and inputs prior to each workshop
  • Took responsibility and held themselves accountable


The high achievers:

  • are confident
  • are working on their businesses
  • have sound business practices, processes and plans in place
  • have made great strides in their marketing and in building their brands
  • have expanded their client base and their revenues/incomes

This was the case before signing up

None had previously really achieved what they had hoped for namely:

  • businesses or companies that were real assets
  • a steadily growing client base needed to sustain and grow their businesses
  • consistent, dependable incomes

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