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28 08, 2015

Core Values and Principles – Starbucks

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Starbucks will be in South Africa in mid-2016. Starbucks is famous for being the “third” place between home and office, for a great service, for a warm and welcoming ambiance and, lastly, for uniquely-crafted coffee and other beverages. Will they make it here - in a country famous for friendly but mostly average to bad [...]

10 06, 2015

The role of managers in your company’s success

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A client of mine experienced grave disappointment with his managers. Many factors contributed to a negative outcome. The non-performance of these managers simply emphasised how important managers are and how carefully one has to vet applicants for a managerial position. Most of my clients are aware of Gallup’s Q12 findings, covering the conditions that need to exist in [...]

28 11, 2014

Subscriber list building

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Do you actively do list building? Do you actively try to expand the number of persons who read your posts or newsletters? Recently I had a discussion with a gifted blogger about the value of list building and how to go about it. She built a following of fans organically by virtue of excellent content [...]

30 09, 2014

Creating Culture

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Do you have a company culture strategy? Not a single company through whose doors I have entered has surprised me by having a strategy for developing a distinctive company culture. Of course, each company inadvertently has a culture. The question is: Why have a culture by default? One that just happened? […]

28 02, 2013

Five criteria for running your company along global lines

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Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, laid out his five-point plan for an interconnected system for an interconnected world. (A New System for a New Century: Fortune, 4 February 2013.) It struck me that many MDs of medium-sized companies would be very familiar with Schwab’s five criteria. […]

19 12, 2011

Replace managers with self-management

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An article titled “First, let’s fire all managers” captured my attention. If you are an MD or a manager it should halt you in your tracks. We are all so used to the idea of having managers around that we might find the notion of doing away with managers downright impossible or absurd. Well, we [...]

29 11, 2011

Operational innovation and leave your competition behind

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A client enthusiastically drew my attention to an article about operational innovation as a way to change a company.  This article is so full of down-to-earth common sense that I would like to share some of its ideas with all my clients. Michael Hammer, author of Deep Change – How Operational Innovation Can Transform a [...]

30 06, 2011

Small wins mean progress

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“Of all things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work.” “Everyday progress – even a small win – can make all the difference”… in how you and your employees feel and perform. […]

16 01, 2011

10 Principles of personal leadership

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My recent clients and friends know that I have gone all soft in my approach to leadership and management. While one should have strategies, plans, processes and systems in place, the starting point is people. This morning, while walking my two schnauzers in a park, I listened to a very inspiring recorded discussion with Howard [...]