My consulting career covered four major developments

Firstly, I created ABPLAN’s Build for Results Programme for medium-sized businesses. I applied and refined this programme over 15 years and took  more than 60 companies through it.

Secondly, in 2015, I developed a unique programme ABPLAN’s Build Your Micro-Business Programme for one-person companies.

I did so for a very specific reason:

In my opinion, the owners of micro-businesses were virtually denied access to consultants because of  the non-affordability of  consultant’s fees. They simply could not afford high fees.

I developed a programme that specifically addresses micro-business needs. It is truly affordable, understandable, and doable. It includes 15 hours of my time as a consultant and places me within the reach of every one-person micro enterprise in the Helderberg-Stellenbosch area wishing to build a real business.

Thirdly, because of strong demand, I expanded the micro-business programme with modules covering the growth of a team, and created ABPLAN’s Grow Your Small Business Programme. It is aimed at small companies with one or two owners and a staff or one or two people. It includes 20 hours of  my time as consultant.

Lastly, I turned ABPLAN’s Build For Results Programme into a new self-study programme for medium-sized businesses (five to 15 individuals). I created a comprehensive set of modules, halved the number of consulting hours from 120 to 60 hours and halved the costs.


I relish my consultancy career and have a passion for what I do. I am especially pleased that the owners of micro and small businesses can now afford a consultant and that medium-sized companies are able to access a programme which addresses their situation and which reduces the issue of price.